The best phone bank you need

If you are on the go like me, you know that you can never be tethered to a phone plugged into the wall even when your asleep. You need to welcome OIMYE into your life.

Imagine this. You are running late to your kids whatever thing. You grab your phone and keys and realize that your child has been playing Roblox on your phone and battery is now in the red. Enter the OIMYE solar phone charger. Plug it in, fully charged it will give you two full charges on your phone. Let your phone get to about 60%, leave it out on your seat in the car to soak up the sun and plug it in on your way home. Boom diggity, You are all set to go.

All of their chargers are durable and can withstand being dropped, stepped on, and eaten by small pets. It comes with a built in flashlight that has the power of the sun in it.

You may raise the question, now what about the price. Surely this item would cost $50+. Because so many people buy this, it is always on an Amazon deal for about $30-40. Great steal.