Rating my Itunes movie Libary

Over the course of my life I have watched my good share of movies. A good amount have been downloaded in my iTunes library over the years. Here is my library and ratings:

The Accountant

Film Rating: 3/5

Somewhat ok action film. Just does not feel well connected.

Action Park

Film Rating: 2/5

I would say that this is the movie Jackass but with a really bad plot.

Ad Astra

Film Rating 1/5

Really bad interpretation of Heart of Darkness.

Alien: Covenant

Film Rating 3/5

I felt that there is this huge world to explore and we have only gotten a fraction of what it could be. I really would not watch this movie unless it was on a streaming service.

American Hustle

Film Rating 2/5

I got sick watching this movie. Like how Bradley Cooper looked made me physically sick.

American Reunion

Film rating 4/5

Feel good movie. Made me feel like I was 14 all over again and sneaking into the R rated movie. I would highly recommend purchasing this movie on iTunes.


Film Rating 1/5

Absolutely atrocious use of Natalie Portman. I feel that she deserves better than this.


Film Rating 4/5

I am ok with this one. I get that they hollywooded it up. It was good. I enjoyed it. I felt good. Not really much else to say. If you have read history books you know how it ends.

Bad Boys for Life

Film Raying 2/5

It was in the top 3 Bad Boys movies of all time.
The pink powder scene in the chop shop made me gag

Ocean's 11-Film Rating 4.9/5

One of the best heist movie's that have ever existed. Just the planning stage is phenomenal alone. When you feel that the heist has failed, wait a second, you are pulled right back in.

Passengers-Film Rating 1/5

Flip this bad jackson around and make it a horror movie, you have a perfect 5/5. All around just terrible love/drama movie.