Going on a vacation

(Edit, this is a work in progress)

So the family is going on a bit of a vacation in a few weeks.

To Vegas.

For a Tae Kwan Do tournament..........

Work with me here folks.

My son, has gotten heavily involved in AAU Tae Kwan Do. Joined a gym, found a competition team, practices 5 days a week. And he is 8. He is into it heavy. Now this is not about how kicking he is,no pun intended, or how we are traveling to Vegas, trust me it is not in style.

This is about his journey. As the great General Manager Sam Hinkie said, "Trust the process and enjoy the journey."

When my wife joined a Lifetime gym she needed a place to put my son while she worked out. She found a kids care spot and would drop him off there at LifeTime and head upstairs to work out. Over the months the kids care spot started offering different classes for the kids. Gymnastics, basketball, and Tae Kwan Do. Things to keep them active. We decided Tae Kwan Do, because why not, let the kid learn to defend himself, maybe learn a thing or two. We went into it with zero expectations.

Every parent hopes that their child will have a good coach. A coach who can help their child realize what they are capable of. Push them to the next level while keep them grounded. This coach was everything I could hope for plus more.

Fast forward 4 years. The boy is 8 and about to embark on a tournament that will hopefully net him a national championship. We learned a good amount last year. It was his first time on the big stage and he had a good amount to learn. He learned that it will take doing two a day practices for weeks. It will take practicing the same kick thousands of times. It will take learning how to have that cutting edge. That nothing in this life comes easy.

He has gone to tournaments all over the Midwest Area. Fought the best. Won medals. And guess what. If we get there and he goes 1 and out, I am perfectly happy with that. Its not about the end process. It is not about being the best. It is about what he has learned during that process. How he pushed himself to new heights. How he laughed at the idea of being able to do 50 push ups in one rep. The idea that he could run 2 miles.

Who knows, maybe he goes the distance and wins the darn tournament. Wouldn't that be a sight. A midwestern 8 year old taking home gold.

Trust the process and Enjoy the Journey.