AIr Guitar

I got caught.

Was writing my last post about going on vacation and I was out back listening to some Voodoo Child by The Jimmy Hendrix and headphones on, volume to the max. I may have broken out in some air guitar, channeling my lost childhood of music (I could not step to beat let alone read music). Next thing you know I am listening to Rush, Metallica, all the Rock Gods were listening to my air guitar. The crescendo hit when I turned on Motley Crue.

In walks my wife. Well outside walks my wife from the garage and catches me in the moment

Don't you know, know, know its a violation?

Vince Neil would be proud of a 35 year old bald man screaming at the top of his lungs.

But in that moment it did not matter. There I was, performing for thousands in my arena of a back deck on trex wood. I was in all my glory. The confidence was oozing through me.

I turned and was startled by my wife and the headphones immediately came off. I was embarrassed that I got caught doing a guilty pleasure. We have all been there. It has happened to everyone.

After thinking for a few minutes, why don't I do everything with the confidence of an air guitar solo? Dance like no one is watching?

Well why the heck not. Commit yourself to doing this and the results will astound you. Even in the first day, having that extreme confidence will go far. I promise.